Alicia Nguyen, Highline, Volleyball

photo of Alicia Nguyen

Hazen High School • Renton, WA

In 18 sets last week, Nguyen had 96 kills on a 40.1% kill efficiency, 12 blocks, 72 digs and had a solid 2.49 serve-receive average on 104 attempts.

“Alicia for the second week in a row hit above .40%,” said Thunderbird head coach Chris Littleman. “Her season hitting percentage is Top 50 in the nation. She is averaging 5.3 k/s which is top10 in the nation. Her constant ability to make great choices as a hitter has helped her avoid unnecessary errors and keep the pressure on the other team.  Alicia is has also been targeted the most on the year as a passer and has passed 2.-3 - 2.7 on the year.”


Adidas graphic with Alicia Nguyen's photo